Are you Puzzled By Something To Do With Your Health?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could see inside your body to find any health problems that are causing you discomfort?

With an energy reading, you can do just that!

Hi, I’m Carolyn Harrington, and I am a medical intuitive/energy healer. I can’t see inside your body, but I can tap into your energy and get all kinds of information about your health.

Your body is a masterfully created machine. It knows how to heal. You just need to get out of the way. By finding the weakest parts and supporting them, and detoxing things that shouldn’t be there, your body becomes stronger and heals itself.

What Is An Energy Reading?

With quantum physics, we now know that everything in our universe is made of energy, including ourselves. That means you are an energy being and vibrate with your individual energy signature. All parts of your body generate a unique frequency: every cell, every organ, your skin, your hair follicles. Even your thoughts create energetic frequencies.

Which means that disease-causing pathogens have unique energetic signatures too: viruses, fungi, and bacteria.

What I do is tap into your energy and determine if any of your frequencies are off. Then I find the most crucial ones that would affect your healing.

Your brain is monitoring your body thousands of times per second. Since your body wants to stay in homeostasis, (which means an optimally balanced state), it checks things like if it should raise your blood pressure, lower your body temperature, or increase hormone levels.

My energy readings tap into what your brain sees is the primary weakness in your body. I also uncover any frequencies from disease-causing agents that shouldn’t be there. Then I can help you support those weaknesses, and detox of any harmful frequency, so your body can heal on its own.

My Evaluations

The only reason any health condition arises is that some action or function in your body stops working optimally. To begin healing, you need to address any disturbances that come up. Energy healing considers the power of the mind, body, and spirit. It also complements and supports other methods of healing.

During an evaluation, I tap into your energy to identify the primary weakness in your body. We may uncover emotional holding patterns, toxic overload, chemical imbalances, or even illness residue.

Once we identify any deficiency, I can create a personal energy remedy that has supportive frequencies to boost the weakest parts of your body and have antidote frequencies to anything that shouldn’t be there.

Based on the results of the evaluation, I usually offer other recommendations too. They may include a broad range of approaches, including specific therapies, taking a personal energy remedy, dietary adjustments, or lifestyle changes.

The beauty of this method is it addresses the root cause of your problem, so your body will have the ability to self-heal. It is entirely safe and perfect for all ages.

healing-storiesHealing Stories

Want to see what comes up in an actual energy evaluation? Read my Healing Stories. They cover the lessons learned from actual energy readings.

But don’t expect an end to the story. Healing is a work in progress. It’s a process that depends on you to work through the various steps to heal.

How To Get Started

My readings can be done in person or remotely. For remote sessions, I require a photo of you. Your photo carries your unique energy field that indicates your current state of health.

At the end of your evaluation, I provide you with insights and offer suggestions on what you can do to help your healing progress.

Does Your Energy Reading Cost Anything?

No. There is no charge for my evaluations. I know it can be frustrating sometimes with the cost of alternative therapies. Financial issues shouldn’t be added to the worries you already have.

I feel I have been blessed in my life. I want to pay it forward by helping others heal. When I help others, I feel in a small way I am helping the world heal at large.

Think you want to try an energy reading? Complete the form below. But please be patient. As you can imagine, I get many requests.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Peace and be well,

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