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How To Take Your Low Energy From Blah To Fantastic!

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This year, I made it my New Year’s resolution to get into the best health of my life. Several months later, I’ve decided I am not even close to the initial goals I set for myself. I just wanted to do something for myself and not because I wanted to lose a significant amount of weight (wouldn’t be mad if that happened as well) but because I was tired of not feeling my best.

Nothing major was going on with my health. I didn’t have any diseases or a chronic illness. But the bottom line was, I didn’t feel content with my overall well being. I wanted to have as much energy as the girl in a running advertisement, be as happy on a rainy day as I was on the sunniest, and feel the same peacefulness and calmness as a retreat leader in Bali.

So, I decided this summer, I would RECLAIM my diet and health by eating a whole food diet.

What is a whole food diet?

A whole food diet focuses on eating REAL food. Whole foods are unprocessed and unrefined. They are eaten in their truest form. These foods include vegetables, fruits, eggs, meats, fish, and healthy fats. Think, what would a cave man eat? Take out everything with a wrapper and an ingredient list. Frankly, cut out all the crap.

Why eating whole foods is important.

Eating whole foods is an incredible lifetime investment. You only have one body and when you eat sugar, gluten, and dairy, your body can crumble. Real foods give your body nutrients in their natural form.

Four weeks and what I have noticed so far…

After four weeks in, I can honestly say I have already seen significant benefits. Like I said before, I have always been a rather healthy eater. But what I didn’t notice was some of the “healthy” processed foods I was eating, even if they were in the all-natural section, were making me groggy and tired. Eating whole foods with no ingredient list has given me more energy and motivation. My body feels a lot lighter and less achy.

Dairy is not my friend…

With a busy schedule, I often opt for fast foods to make so I can eat quickly at home or on the go. While my dinners and lunches were no problem, they consisted of a protein and veggies, what I found challenging was when it came time for a snack. I often ran to dairy. Yogurt and cheese are two of the fastest snacks available and often became my natural go-to. I discovered that dairy is very hard for my body to digest, and by taking it out of the equation, I gained a lot more energy. My anxiety levels have also diminished, and I feel more peace of mind.

Different food categories can trigger people’s bodies in a variety of ways. For me it is dairy.  For you, it could be gluten or corn. By switching to a whole food diet, and removing any suspected food, you can often figure out what your trigger foods are.

I have a desire to be more active….

I would work out time-to-time but never felt motivated to go to the gym. After starting a whole food diet, I have seen how much eating healthy can play into my enjoyment of life, which pushed my motivation to become even healthier. Whether it’s going for an outdoor trail hike, going to a personal trainer, or going to an intense yoga class, I now always want to try new and exciting activities to improve my body and well being


You can do it too…

It is never too late to reclaim your diet. Ok, I might not have stuck to my New Year’s resolution. But here I am, months later, getting back on track and reclaiming my diet and health. Summer is a great time to eat real unprocessed foods, exercise, relax, and give your body the attention it deserves!

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