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6 Healthy Tweaks That Will Dramatically Change Your Life

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Imagine if a few small tweaks to the way you’re living your life could produce your best year ever! Would you be willing to try them?

January is the month to begin again and hit the reset button by making resolutions so you can start this year on a better note. That’s why we make New Year’s resolutions.

But resolutions are like fad diets, you start them and can only stick to them for a short time. They are hard to maintain. You eventually fall back into your old habits, returning to your old unhealthy lifestyle.

It’s Time To Change Your Life

Let’s face it, if you made a New Year’s resolution, you’re admitting to yourself that something isn’t right in your life. Otherwise, why change anything?

Maybe you are not exercising as much as you should, not eating healthy, or not drinking enough water.

Why not take a step back and think bigger than just a few hard to keep resolutions which are only quick fixes?

Make a lifestyle change by tweaking the way you live! You may find a healthier road worth traveling; one that leads to a happier you.

But how do you do this?

It’s easy! By incorporating any of these six tweaks in your daily life, you may just find you are having your best year ever.

Here’s to an unbelievable 2017!

Become a YES person

Become a YES person!

A friend of mine turned 50 not long ago. To mark this momentous occasion, she gave herself permission to say YES to everything. I love this!

My friend said, “It will be my YES year!” If someone asks her to do something, she will simply reply, “Yes.”

Before this declaration, she hesitated when someone asked her to do something. She would question how much it cost, or if she had the time. She would even consider how well she knew the person and felt comfortable going with them.

When we let our minds control our opportunities, we can talk ourselves out of doing things. But it’s those opportunities that enrich our lives and make it fun and worth living.

So now my friend is living her life as a “YES” person, and you can too.

Automatic Negative Thoughts

Exterminate Any ANTS and Limiting Thoughts

No, I’m not referring to the little critters that invade your house! I’m talking about the thoughts that invade your mind.

ANTS (Automatic Negative Thoughts) are cynical, gloomy, and complaining thoughts that just keep popping up in your mind. They never seem to stop. They are thoughts that keep you dwelling on negativity. You reflect on how incapable, inappropriate, or incompetent you are. ANTS make you keep rehashing old arguments or replaying the idiotic thing you did yesterday in your head.

Limiting thoughts are those which constrain you. Believing in this type of thought plants it in your head you are not good enough, not strong enough, or smart enough to accomplish something.

These sorts of ideas are false since you were born with everything you need to achieve whatever you want. You need to believe it!

Don’t talk yourself out of opportunities by thinking you are not good enough. Expand your thoughts and keep telling yourself you can!

Human beings are hard-wired for these types of thoughts that prevent us from being bold and taking chances. Focusing on negative thoughts bring on emotions which can block us from trying new things.

If you want to live an extraordinary life, it’s time to exterminate these thoughts for good!

Love Yourself

Love Yourself

“And if I asked you to name all the things you love, how long would it take for you to name yourself?”
– Unknown

How many times do you wake up only to notice a new blemish that appeared on your face overnight or crawl out of bed with a bad hair day? What about those mornings when you step on the scale only to feel like a failure because you haven’t lost that extra weight?

You are kind to others why not be kind to yourself? When you see yourself in the mirror, tell yourself, “I love you, you’re beautiful.”

Remember, to be loved by others; you must first love yourself.

Don't Judge Others

Stop Judging Others

When we judge others, we see a reflection of what we don’t find appealing in ourselves. It is a kind of protection mechanism to help you cope with something you don’t like in you.

If we accept everything in everyone, why not accept all in ourselves? It all comes back to loving ourselves.

Why focus on the negative in others? When we judge others, we are only opening ourselves up to being judged.

Do Something Nice for Someone

Do Something Nice For Someone Each Day

Put a smile on someone’s face with a simple act of kindness. Share a kind word, pay a compliment, smile as you walk by, or reach out a helping hand.

When we do something nice for others, it helps connect us to other people. Connecting with others is a core need in each of us. It’s an excellent way to feel positive about yourself.

By performing acts of kindness, we bring on feelings of happiness and joy to ourselves and others. Take the time to brighten someone’s day, and you’ll be shining a light on yours too!

Grateful Every Day

Be Grateful Every Day

Give thanks when you wake every morning. Gratitude is a great way to boost your mood.

Gratitude is such a personal emotion. It vibrates at a high frequency, and when we vibrate at a higher frequency, we are happier and healthier.

Begin by waking up and giving thanks for at least five things each day. Start with simple words of gratitude such as, “Thank you for this beautiful day” or “Thank you for the roof over my head.”

To keep reminding yourself, write a gratitude journal. When you focus on things you are grateful for, you experience happiness.

Make It A Fabulous Year!
We are fortunate to be living at a special time. The number of people who understand energy healing and awareness of consciousness is at an all-time high. I believe people are ready to take responsibility for their health. It all begins with changing the way we live and making smart lifestyle choices.

By making small tweaks in the way we live each day, we can begin to change the way we feel. When we modify the way we feel, we live a better life, one that is more enriched, expansive, and fulfilling.

Take it one step at a time, but be sure to take the first step and make it a fabulous year!

Peace and be well,
Carolyn Harrington
Founder of Maty’s Healthy Productsa line of natural & organic health products made from whole food ingredients
Carolyn Harrington

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