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How Do You Know Which Natural Healer Is Right For You?

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People often ask me which natural healer is the right one for them? If you believe no healing is ever wasted, like I do, then it doesn’t matter. But I get it. Why waste your time trying many techniques if they don’t get you anywhere? You want the best possible chance of healing if you are sick.

To help you choose the best alternative energy healer, all you need to do is ask yourself which one is right for you. The answer lies within you since you know yourself better than anyone else in the world.

But there’s a special way to ask and two simple steps to do it.

Step 1. Find a quiet place where you can sit for 5-10 minutes and think of nothing. Most likely thoughts will pop into your mind. Let them enter. Then let them leave and drift off as quickly as they appeared.

Do this for as long as it takes for your mind to slow down. Once your mind has quieted, and you are not thinking about other things, ask the question like this:

“Which natural healer would be best for me right now?”
“Which energy healing method would bring me the best results right now?”

Steps 2. Open your telephone book or go to a website which has a list of energy practitioners. Browse through the lists. When your eyes linger on a particular name or practice, this is where you should go.

Only a few will stand out to you. This is your higher self, your intuition leading you to the right healer. Make an appointment with that healer since it is most likely the one you need right now.

Your Health Is Never At A Plateau

What if you go to a natural healer and it appears to be working because you begin to feel better? But then as time passes, you don’t feel you are making any further progress. Now what?

Remember, no healing is wasted. It may be your intuition telling you it’s time to try the next method. Maybe you have gotten everything you can from that healer, and it’s time to move on. If this should happen to you, then use the selection exercise again to find your next healer.

I believe our health is never at a plateau. You are getting better, or you are getting worse. If you continue with energy healing, trust you are getting better, even if you don’t feel it.

I hope this helps. If you have any questions regarding which natural healer is right for you, don’t forget to leave a comment. I will be sure to address it.

Peace and be well,
Carolyn Harrington
Founder of Maty’s Healthy Productsa line of natural & organic health products made from whole food ingredients
Carolyn Harrington

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