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The One Thing You Need To Know If Your Alternative Healing Didn’t Work

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Many people will try all kinds of alternative healing techniques and then get frustrated because they don’t think it worked.

I’ve been asked countless times, “Why didn’t this healing method work for me?” I always respond, “How do you know it didn’t?”

With alternative approaches to healing, you don’t take a pill to mask your symptoms. It is a more holistic approach to healing that is characterized by the treatment of the whole person. A holistic healer must take into account the mental and social factors, not just the physical symptoms of the disease.

Holistic approaches to healing occur on many levels. You often hear people refer to the mind, body, and spirit. Each has its own level of healing. A totally healthy person is balanced on all levels of their being: mind, body, and spirit. Healing is not restricted to the physical body but can take place on deeper levels you cannot see.

Illness is an energy imbalance hard to see unless you are a psychic. The energy imbalance begins at an emotional level much deeper than your physical body. When an energy imbalance at an emotional level is not corrected, it eventually manifests in the physical body. It’s at this point when most people consider it to be a disease. But the imbalance has been there long before it appeared in the physical body.

Alternative Healing Techniques

When you try a healing technique and don’t feel an immediate difference, trust that healing has occurred. You may not know it because it is on a deeper level. Remember, you are not taking a pill. Suppressing your symptoms is not how healing works.

With true healing, your body may need to detox disease-causing agents, resolve nutritional elements to achieve balance, or address emotional issues that negatively impact and overloaded your system.

There are many excellent energy healing methods you can choose. Just like there is a myriad of ice cream flavors to suit everyone’s tastes, there are unlimited choices when deciding on an alternative healing practice. No method is the right one for everyone.

My Healing Was Working, Then It Stopped. Now What?

Many people question their alternative healing technique because it worked for a while, but then it stopped. They wonder what happened and become frustrated. Sometimes, they even give up on healing all together.

All I can say is don’t give up. When a healing method quits working, it may mean you are ready to go to a different level. You have gotten all there is from that technique, and your intuition is leading you to do something else.

Healing is a process. Remember, you aren’t just taking a pill to cover up the symptoms. If healing is required on multiple levels, then it stands to reason there may be multiple healing methods that are required to address the different levels.

So when one method is no longer working for you, it may mean the healing on that specific level is complete. Now it is time to heal at another level. This may require a different alternative healer or method.

So listen to your intuition. Go with your gut. If you feel a healing method is no longer working for you, be thankful for all the healing you have received, and try something else.

Remember, healing is a journey. There may be twists and turns on the path. There may also be times of rapid growth, and times where it seems to slow down. Trust the process and believe that healing is taking place.

The more you enjoy the journey and seek new and interesting paths, the faster your healing will come to pass.

As a reference, I have listed some of my favorite alternative healing techniques that I have tried in the past. I hope this helps!

Not sure which one to try, read my post on selecting the right healer for you.

Bach Flower Therapy –I love Bach Flowers! They are inexpensive, safe, and work so well. They subtly release negative emotions we have bottled up inside us.

Tapping or Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) –Tapping is another one of my favorite healing techniques. It can be a powerful healing tool. It is easy to do. You can start by tapping along to YouTube videos. However, to get the most out of this technique, seek help from a Tapping professional. They can help you get to the root of your problem.

Acupuncture –Acupuncture is an excellent way to release energy blocks in our bodies. This technique is one of the oldest healing methods known to man. It must be doing something since it’s still in use after thousands of years.

Chiropractor – I am hearing so many new and different healing methods being performed by chiropractors. It is not just about the adjustments anymore. They are using energy healing to strengthen the immune system and release blockages.

Some other good techniques that are worth trying include:

  • Chakra Balancing
  • Reiki
  • Crystal Therapy
  • Music Therapy
  • Yoga
  • Quantum Touch (Hands-on Healing)
  • Laser Therapy
  • Oxygen Therapy
  • and so much more

Your Health Is Never At A Plateau

I believe your health is never at a plateau. You are either getting better, or you are getting worse. If you continue with energy healing, trust you are getting better, even if you don’t feel it.

With energy medicine, no healing goes to waste. Alternative healing always occurs, and there are no side effects or drug interactions to worry about. Trust the process and continue to do what feels right to you.

Have you tried a healing method that is not on the list? Leave a comment. I’m sure everyone would love to hear about it. I know I would!

Peace and be well,
Carolyn Harrington
Founder of Maty’s Healthy Productsa line of natural & organic health products made from whole food ingredients
Carolyn Harrington

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